SQL Server Programming

SQL Server Functions

Integer sequence generator, Date sequence generator

Nested case when statement

Case when statement in Order by clause

EXECUTE sp_executesql

Partition by Clause

Pivot Table and Unpivot Table

CTE (Common Table Expression)

Common Table Expression (CTE)

For xml raw, root(''), elements

XQUERY in SQL Server : FLWOR examples

Inserting Rows into SQLServer from CSV file

Use of SQL Case Statement in SQL Update Statement

Comma Separated string of all the rows of a column

Date formatting in SQL Server

Creating Role in SQL Server Database using C#

MDX query for Subtree Members and Leaf Members

Period Dimension (Time Dimension) Creation with Year, Month, Day Hierarchy

Finding Last n members of a Particular month of a particular Year from a Time Dimension using MDX

Getting XML node names and values in tabular format

XML Data into a Relation Table Using OPENXML